Aim & Scope

ACJES serves the purpose of popularizing the academic studies that present concrete solutions to the problems encountered in all levels -from pre-school to higher education- and that contibute to the professional development of teachers and academicians.

Focus and Scope

Academy Journal of Educational Sciences [ACJES] is a journal in which articles from all fields of educational sciences are published. Within this frame, it publishes original scientific articles. Additionally, symposium submissions can be published on the condition that presentation place, meeting and date are stated and it has not been published anywhere else.

The Applications Not Accepted for Evaluation

ACJES does not include book reviews/examinations and domain-specific (e.g. nursing education, engineering education, architecture education) studies out of educational sciences in its publishing scope.

Publishing Language

ACJES' publishing language is English.

Publishing Frequency

ACJES is an international refereed journal and it is published as 2 issues for a year. Special or additional issues can be published in accordance with journal administration’s decisions.

Article Submission and Processing Fee

ACJES does not demand any article submission or processing (evaluation or publishing) fee and fee for accessing the articles.

Period Months
June November